Every piece of music will move someone to tears, for some reason.

Two months ago, I got married. No biggie. After a year of waiting due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we finally made it official in a rather splendid venue – a very stunning Gloucester Cathedral. Whilst the whole day had been planned around us and our favourite things – our favourite foods, memories of holidays, the beautiful cathedral we attend services at and feel so lucky doing so – I had two particular desires. My wedding dress, which my now husband wasn’t allowed to be part of the discussions about; and the music, which he could be (and was), but there were certain things I desperately wanted.

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Fire dance!

I was relatively uninspired today, after my extremely uninspired day yesterday. Yesterday was not a good day music wise for me – I couldn’t enjoy anything. I probably needed an entire day of foot-tapping, heart-racing music to accompany my work. I didn’t get it – barely anything. And today was almost as bad, but I did get three things to particularly enjoy. Tchaikovsky’s “Marche Slave” – talk about multiple buses coming along at once – and a double bill of Arturo Márquez.

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We Will Remember Them

Two years and two days ago, I had the privilege of being part of a “Come and Sing” day and concert at Gloucester Cathedral. The concert was put on by Gloucester Choral Society, and the singing day involved learning, along with many other day singers and the more practised society, Karl Jenkins’ “The Armed Man”.

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Finally, thank you Mr A

Today’s piece ticks every box. My favourite composer. A big orchestral piece. Lots of brass. Lots of drums. Lots of power. Russian. But somehow a relatively unknown piece. I suppose there are lots more famous works by Tchaikovsky, and this one isn’t quite as mainstream as some. But it’s probably my favourite piece by him, unless I’m REALLY in the mood for some cannons. Although this piece isn’t entirely without cannons, or suggestions of the, anyway.

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Oh yes, now it’s Beethoven

I’m not ashamed to say that Beethoven is a bit like Marmite for me (which, by the way, I love). Some of his music is – to my Tchaikovsky loving ear – quite frankly boring. Although I don’t exactly love every piece Tchaikovsky wrote. For that reason, I would always claim not to be a fan of Beethoven. He’s a little early for me – but as he changes his style over time, the more I like his music. And that’s probably because he’s well known for showing the influence of composers like Haydn and Mozart at the beginning of his career, and apart from some of Mozart’s choral work, I’m not likely to be discussing either of those composers in this blog.

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